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Universal Waste Management in Rochester, MN

Universal Waste Management in Rochester, MN

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

LB Medwaste delivers the solution to what is likely the single greatest risk of mercury exposure in the work place. Many places use fluorescent bulbs because they convert electricity into illumination three to five times as efficiently as incandescent lights, so they use less energy and the lamp life is longer. Unfortunately, these same bulbs present an occupational hazard since they contain ingredients such as: fluorine, neon, lead powder and the toxic heavy metal Mercury. Humans and animals can be hurt from Mercury found in drinking water, landfills can be poisoned, and toxic fumes are put in the air we breathe. This has led Wisconsin to outlaw regular trash disposal of fluorescent bulbs because it is very likely that the bulbs will be broken during handling.

Amalgam Buckets

LB Medwaste Services safely and securely helps facilities dispose of dental amalgam that is a potential health hazard. Amalgam waste is generated by a dentist when he or she fills cavities, restores teeth, or pulls a filled tooth. This composite is typically one half mercury and the other half consists of silver, tin and copper. Small amounts of zinc, indium, palladium or cadmium may also be included. Storing amalgam waste in a closed container for recycling is the recommended method of management. LB Medwaste provides a tracking device and certificate of destruction for your facility to keep your work place safe.


LB Medwaste has comprehensive services specifically designed to make your battery disposal simple and convenient, while helping your business protect the environment. We collect all battery types, from lead, to alkaline, button, and rechargeable.

LB maintains all applicable state and federal certifications, a professional-level of environmental expertise, and the experience needed to remain compliant with all applicable environmental laws.

Medical and Electronic Equipment and Devices

Work with LB Medwaste to assure secure product destruction of your outdated or nonfunctioning equipment. With our metals and electronic recycling capabilities, equipment is processed via demanufacturing and/or shredding to maximize raw material extraction.

We will arrange pick up, keep records of devices, tracking, and destruction procedures.

Universal Waste Management

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Flexible Pick-up Schedules

Unlike national disposal companies that set up and charge for a pick up schedule whether you need it or not, LB Medwaste will work with you to arrange a schedule to match your business needs.

Online OSHA Training

Online training is the most convenient way to take OSHA-accepted training. Enroll online, complete the training at your own pace, and receive your certificates and cards online or in the mail.

Custom Sized Containers

LB Medwaste carries a full line of reusable and disposable containers for medical waste, disposable sharps, dental amalgam, and confidential documents. Find the right match for your container needs.