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Toxic Waste Removal in Saint Paul, MN

Toxic Waste Removal in Saint Paul, MN

LB Medwaste specializes in removal of hazardous waste materials.

Hazardous wastes have strict guidelines designed to protect the public and workers. Each facility should have a customized plan that is compliant and easy to understand. LB Medwaste has the expertise and solutions that will help keep your work environment safe.

Hazardous waste has the possibility to affect humans in non-infectious ways. Some medical waste is hazardous, and is often objects that are sharp and can puncture or lacerate skin (needles/syringes, discarded surgical instruments, scalpels, culture dishes and other glassware). It can also be medical or industrial chemicals, including chemotherapy agents and old drugs, as well as other agents that can damage human or animal tissue with exposure.

Our staff will work with you for each of the following steps, following EPA, DOT, OSHA, DNR, and MPCA guidelines:

  1. Characterize and identify materials
  2. Collect & segregate materials
  3. Recommend and offer containers for shipping
  4. Collect and transport materials
  5. Incinerate hazardous waste materials at an approved RCRA facility
  6. Treatment of non-hazardous materials at appropriate site

Hazardous wastes are classified on the basis of their biological, chemical, and physical properties. These properties generate materials that are either toxic or corrosive.

Toxic wastes are poisons, even in very small or trace amounts. They may have acute effects, causing death or violent illness, or they may have chronic effects, slowly causing irreparable harm. Some are carcinogenic, causing cancer after many years of exposure.

Corrosive wastes include strong acidic or alkaline substances. They destroy solid material and living tissue upon contact, by chemical reaction.

Transport of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste generated at a healthcare site requires transport to an approved treatment, storage, or disposal facility. Because of potential threats to public safety and the environment, this transport is given special attention by governmental agencies. LB Medwaste will make sure your facility is current and compliant with the laws that require proper labeling, transport, and tracking of all hazardous wastes.

The Manifest System

A key feature of regulations pertaining to hazardous waste disposal is the “cradle-to-grave” manifest system, which monitors the waste from its point of origin to the point of final disposal. Basically, a manifest is a record-keeping document that must be prepared by the generator of the hazardous waste, such as a hospital. The generator of hazardous waste has primary responsibility for the ultimate disposal of the waste and must sign the manifest, along with give the waste itself, to a licensed waste transporter like LB Medwaste. Copies of the manifest are kept by the generator and LB Medwaste, and additional copies are sent to appropriate environmental agencies.


Hazardous waste materials are incinerated at an approved RCRA facility.

Toxic Waste Removal

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