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Strategies for Pharmaceutical Waste Removal

March 12, 2021

Strategies for Pharmaceutical Waste Removal

The challenge of how to get rid of harmful materials at medical facilities is a daunting one. In part, it is because of the nature of health care: Doctors and nurses prefer to spend as much time treating patients as possible, which leaves less time to focus on behind-the-scenes processes. Without questions, medical professionals care deeply about those processes because they ensure the safety and well-being of their patients and staff. Yet in the hierarchy of day-to-day activities, patient care outweighs logistical planning every time. Pharmaceutical waste removal is one such task that is critical yet daunting.

Our company is built on the notion that the best kind of relationship our team of pharmaceutical waste removal professionals and your medical office is one of partnership. We don’t expect you to change your day job in order to accommodate the handling of medical waste away from your facility. In fact, our hope is that by working with us, you can free up additional time and resources to focus on patient care. By specializing in pharmaceutical waste removal, we have developed a customer base that understands the critical importance of proper waste handling yet trusts us to ensure compliance with all regulations and protocols in the field of medicine.

Top steps for pharmaceutical waste removal

To understand the options for pharmaceutical waste removal, it’s important to think about the issue in context. Medical offices generate high volumes of waste that is both hazardous and non-hazardous. You can’t simply throw this waste in an ordinary trash can along with gum wrappers and gently used tissues. Instead, state and federal laws require you to handle this waste in a rigorous manner to prevent the spread of disease and contamination.

To achieve compliance with those rules, you must do one of two things: either keep up with the latest legislation and regulations, and conform your clinic to those rules, or work with an expert who can manage those details for you. Our recommendation is that you work with an expert service provider, such as our company, to ensure compliance, to obtain peace of mind and to enable you to focus on your patients.

Step 1: Identify the waste products you need to remove. Every medical clinic has different needs, though there are some products that commonly must be taken away to ensure compliance with regulations. For example, drugs such as Azaserine are used in chemotherapy treatments for patients with leukemia and must be disposed of properly. Other examples include chloral hydrate, G-Well shampoo, synthetic estrogen and mercury chloride. You can see a complete list of common drugs on our website. Our team will assess your needs on-site to develop a plan for proper ongoing removal.

Step 2: Create handling and storage processes. Our team has the training and experience necessary to help you properly manage and store waste for removal at your facility. Whether you need access to authorized containers for waste storage or simply want additional information for your team on correct handling protocols, we are happy to assist you.

Step 3: Schedule times for removal. Because of our focus on limiting downtime in your clinic, we will arrange with your staff to take away waste from your facility in a convenient way. We don’t expect you to drop everything you are doing to help us ensure your clinic is free of waste products and materials. Instead, we will walk through the pharmaceutical waste removal process with you early on to ensure we know where waste is stored and the times at which we are authorized to remove it from your offices.

Step 4: Ensure ongoing dialogue. Medical professionals understand the value of ongoing conversations and training. Doctors and nurses routinely study the latest advances in medicine to ensure their patients receive the best care possible. They also visit with patients each day to ensure proper care and communication about treatment strategy. In a similar manner, we look forward to an ongoing conversation with our customers to ensure we meet any and all of your needs for waste removal. We encourage you to call us at any time or to visit with one of our representatives during scheduled visits.

If you are seeking proven pharmaceutical waste removal in Madison Wisconsin, we invite you to contact LB Medwaste at 888-427-5797. We look forward to helping you ensure compliance while serving the patients who depend on you for outstanding medical care.

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