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Find a Pharmaceutical Waste Removal Professional Near You

March 12, 2021

Find a Pharmaceutical Waste Removal Professional Near You

The process of pharmaceutical waste removal is not one you should leave to just anyone. Rather, it is a service you should contract out to professionals whose experience, technology and knowledge reflect a keen understanding of applicable rules, restrictions and regulations about this specific type of disposal.

The other challenge many medical facilities face is trying to find a qualified pharmaceutical waste removal professional in the Midwest. People who live on either coast frequently have access to an array of the latest services and technologies, but it can be difficult to find some of those same services in the Heartland. Not so with pharmaceutical waste removal. Our company is skilled at providing these services with the latest resources for safe, proper and thorough disposal of waste.

How to locate a pharmaceutical waste removal professional you can trust

The first factor you should look for in a pharmaceutical waste removal company is an in-depth understanding of what waste is and how it should be properly handled before, during and after disposal. Our team has all of that knowledge in-house, and we will help you navigate the process to ensure you are in compliance with local, state and federal rules at all times.

We understand that hospitals and other medical offices handle a large volume of waste that is both hazardous and non-hazardous, all of which requires proper pharmaceutical waste removal. Our goal is to limit your exposure to materials that can pose risks if a lack of disposal occurs. Oftentimes, drugs have been partially dispensed—and thus not entirely used—or have expired. In our homes, this becomes obvious when our medicine cabinets stack up with bottles that contain one or two pills past their due date. In a hospital or other medical settings, the vast number of prescriptions that are given to patients can turn into a much larger issue if those prescriptions are not probably managed and disposed of with care.

The second factor you should seek out in pharmaceutical waste removal professionals is the ability to handle an array of constituents that pose concerns, including:

Our company is able to properly dispose of each of these materials, which are on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) U-list. The list “identifies hazardous wastes from discarded commercial chemical products,” according to EPA.

Our online quote form speaks to the third advantage of working with a qualified pharmaceutical waste removal professional: fast, timely service. Our pickup schedules are extremely flexible, meaning we can schedule an appointment that best fits your calendar. We will not box you into a particular day of the week but rather will meet the needs of your busy organization.

Finally, you should work with a company that goes above and beyond mere waste disposal. That’s why we can help connect you to online training from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). You’ll receive certificates in the mail or via email after completing these online courses on your own schedule. Additionally, our company is happy to provide an array of container sizes to fit your medical organization’s needs. Whether you are disposing only of medical waste or also of disposable sharps and other materials, these containers will suit your needs each and every time.

If you are looking for pharmaceutical waste disposal in Madison Wisconsin with a track record of excellence, we look forward to earning your business at LB Medwaste Services. Call us today at 888-526-3392 for more information.

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