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Medical Waste is Not for the Wastebasket

March 11, 2021

Medical Waste is Not for the Wastebasket

How up to speed are you on the latest requirements for properly disposing of medical waste? Did you know that failure to do it the proper way could actually cost you? Beyond the health hazards it could create, failure to do it properly could cost you. Every state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has certain requirements for the disposal of infectious waste, and many businesses fall short of meeting those requirements. Make sure your business has all of its bases covered by keeping an eye out for the following items:

  1. The packaging of waste: Infectious waste must be stored properly for transportation in containers that meet the Department of Transportation’s requirements. See LB Medwaste‘s leak-proof, tamper-proof, spill-proof and puncture resistant containers.
  2. Transportation of medical waste: If you are transporting more than fifty pounds of medical waste, you need a permit, even if it is packaged in approved containers.
  3. Storing waste: The package that the product came in should not be reused for storing waste. Once the product becomes waste, the packaged it was shipped in is no longer acceptable. Check with LB Medwaste to choose the proper container for your waste.
  4. Use the right container. You cannot throw regular trash into a container with medical waste. Additionally, medical waste needs to be categorized separately. The higher the risk of infection, the higher standard of container you will need.
  5. The person signing off on a waste agreement must be trained: If the person who signed off on the pickup of that waste cannot answer certain questions; for instance, what the waste was, if it was properly packaged and what it was packaged in, then that facility may be fined.

Keep these five reminders top priority so you can avoid violating government regulations regarding your medical waste. Violations are costly and can quickly add up, not to mention the danger improperly disposed of medical waste can cause to you and others who come into contact with it.

Need help navigating all of the regulations? Contact us. LB Medwaste is here to help

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