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How Savvy Are You About Medical Waste and its Disposal?

March 12, 2021

Test your knowledge

How savvy are you about medical waste and its disposal?

Here is a quick quiz to test your knowledge. If you can answer all 7 questions correctly, then you can safely consider yourself a Waste Wizard. Answers can be found at the bottom.

  1. A confidential document waste container:
    1. has a secure Padlock Hasp
    2. is nest able for convenient storage
    3. locks for final disposal
  2. Which of the following is considered infectious waste?
    1. broken glass
    2. blood soaked bandages
    3. cultures
  3. What is NOT considered medical waste?
    1. discarded surgical gloves
    2. a washcloth you used at home to cover up a laceration
    3. a discarded lancet
  4. Which is NOT an example of an RCRA U-Listed waste product?
    1. mercury
    2. warfarin
    3. aspirin
  5. What documents should you never shred?
    1. pension plan documents
    2. pay stubs and bank statements
    3. medical records and bills
  6. Which of the following is a safety plan every facility needs?
    1. fire extinguisher plan
    2. exposure control plan
    3. telephone location plan
  7. What is the best way to store amalgam waste?
    1. a closed container for recycling
    2. a sharps container
    3. the trash can

So how did you do? Our staff will not only work with you to collect and transport materials, we can also provide an online OSHA Compliance Portal to help with your training and planning. Give us a call and we’d be glad to set up training for you and your staff.

Answer key: 1) has a secure Padlock Hasp; 2) broken glass; 3) a washcloth you used at home to cover up a laceration; 4) aspirin; 5) pension plan documents; 6) exposure control plan; 7) a closed container for recycling

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