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How Professional Medical Waste Disposal Protects your Business

March 12, 2021

How Professional Medical Waste Disposal Protects your Business

Medical waste disposal isn’t a job that is high on the list for many professionals in the health-care industry. We completely understand. Medical waste is strictly regulated by state and federal laws, it can be toxic to your health and it can endanger the safety of your team and patients.

Those are just some of the reasons we decided to start our company years ago. We recognized the critical need for professional medical waste disposal. It’s a job everyone needs yet few want to do themselves. We train extensively and read widely to ensure we are compliant with all existing laws while protecting the well-being of the more than 3,000 clients who have come to trust us. Although we could identify many reasons it makes sense to hire out medical waste disposal services, several stand out as particularly important.

Businesses approach our organization because of a variety of factors. At the very top of the list is safety for everyone. If you feel a strong need to safeguard the well-being of the patients who visit your office and the people who work on your team, why not add a layer of protection to your business?

After all: Many people dread going to doctor’s appointments or medical offices in the first place. They associate visits with discomfort, pain or even fear of a prospective diagnosis. There’s no sense in creating added risk during patient visits by exposing them or members of your staff to harmful diseases or contaminated substances. Medical waste disposal is a safe and practical ways to promptly dispose of harmful materials without creating the potential for added doctor bills and heightened patient risk.

Top reasons to acquire professional medical waste disposal services

Reason No. 1: Legal compliance. In addition to putting people in jeopardy with poorly handled medical waste, failure to with medical waste disposal professionals can put your medical office in harm’s way. If your onsite storage is flawed or your means of transportation fails to meet state or federal standards, you could be subject to fines or even legal action.

Our team is trained beyond the highest existing standards to ensure you are always in compliance. We have invested heavily in waste-disposing technology such as our autoclave machine, which burns waste without emitting harmful toxins. We are skilled at working with an array of materials including needles, bandages containing blood, organs that have been removed from bodies and much more.

Additionally, we can help you create a system for tracking the waste that leaves your site. In this way, you will develop a paper trail that can clearly show government regulators or other stakeholders that you care about the safety of your patients and the secure transportation of this hazardous material.

Reason No. 2: Helpful resources. Among our specialties is a series of waste containers composed of high-density polyethylene. These containers are sturdy, resist punctures and can be reused. You should know these containers have been tested for compliance with rules established by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Transportation. Our team doesn’t believe in cutting corners. Instead, we believe in thinking through every waste-management scenario to ensure our clients and their patients are protected and satisfied with the services they receive.

Reason No. 3: Scheduling flexibility. Although this one doesn’t directly connect to safety, we believe in providing convenience as well as best-in-class professional care. That’s why we will arrange medical waste disposal at times that work well for your team. Consult with the people in your organization, select dates on the calendar that are best for pickup and we will be there when you need us.

For the best medical waste disposal in Milwaukee Wisconsin, contact LB Medwaste Services. We look forward to learning about the needs of your office and to providing the highest-quality waste services in our region.

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