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How Medical Waste Disposal Supports Patient Safety

March 12, 2021

How Medical Waste Disposal Supports Patient Safety

A helpful way to think about the value of medical waste disposal is to consider how you treat trash and waste in your own home. Few of us would relish the idea of allowing trash bags, waste receptacles and other trash-holding devices to collect around our homes or in our garages. Instead, most homeowners are eager for trash day—waste smells bad, it houses potential contaminants and it takes up precious space.

The same general principles apply to medical waste disposal even though the act of destroying medical waste is far more consequential. Consider the fact that medical waste, if left untouched, can spread disease and violate federal law. Unchecked disease can injure or even kill people, while legal violations can result in the government levying penalties. Proper medical waste disposal by a specialist will ensure waste is properly handled. In this way, the patients with whom you work will stay safe.

Those are the basics. Yet the topic of medical waste disposal is more complicated than simply throwing away trash from your clinic. Here are some important facts about the process our company uses to get rid of harmful waste, along with insights into how these steps benefit your patients.

Inside the medical waste disposal process

Fact No. 1: You aren’t alone in needing to discard medical waste. A variety of medical facilities including hospitals, dental offices and veterinary clinics must find proper channels for getting rid of contaminants.

How it helps patients: The reality is that a vast network of medical businesses relies on behind-the-scenes professionals to keep their facilities safe and compliant. We’re happy to serve in this capacity because our team members are trained in proper disposal protocol. More than that, our families rely on medical facilities for proper health care, too. When we do our job, everyone benefits.

Fact No. 2: Medical waste disposal doesn’t have to be dirty. Handling waste products presents plenty of risks to the health of humans, both medical professionals and waste-handling experts. Yet you can rest assured that when you work with a company like ours, contamination won’t be a problem. We have invested in the necessary training and technology necessary to ensure safe transportation and destruction of harmful materials. We also believe materials should be discarded in a way that minimizes effects on the environment. That’s why we use an autoclave machine that incinerates materials and is free of pollutant-containing emissions.

How it helps patients: All of us rely on doctors and nurses to treat us when we are ill. They have the expertise and knowledge to do so. In the same way, doctors and nurses rely on waste-handling professionals to ensure harmful materials are destroyed. And all of us benefit when the air we breathe is clean even as medical waste is incinerated.

Fact No. 3: Experts can make disposal less complex and confusing. Did you know there are four categories of medical waste? They are:

With the help of trusted professionals, your medical office can properly segregate and store waste temporarily; label waste for disposal; and track the path of waste materials as they leave your facility and are destroyed. We aim to bring all of these services straight to your door. We will manage waste from the time it leaves your office to the time it is destroyed at our facility. We are happy to help you set up proper procedures to maximize efficiency and minimize the time your team invests in waste-related activities.

How it helps patients: The less time you spend worrying about proper waste-handling techniques, the more time you’ll have to devote to your patients and your medical team. Our focus is to deliver to you maximum time savings and peace of mind.

If you are looking for medical waste disposal in Milwaukee Wisconsin, turn to LB Medwaste. Call today at 888-427-5797 or get a quote on our website.

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