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Beware of Medical Waste Risks

March 5, 2021

Use extreme caution around medical waste.

First and foremost, medical and infectious waste, in solid or liquid form, is hazardous to humans. Originating from any medical facility, medical and infectious waste can consist of waste generated in the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals which has been or is likely to have been contaminated by an organism capable of causing disease in healthy humans.

Medical facilities and in the home

Medical and infectious waste is produced in professional places as well as at home. Professionals must be extra-vigilant when handling medical waste. They must follow stringent disposal procedures in order to protect themselves. At home, patients who self-inject must also follow certain rules on the disposal of needles.

Be safe

Medical waste can contain infectious blood which puts people at risk if they were to get pricked by contaminated needles. Pathogens from medical waste can contaminate healthy drinking water supplies and fresh air. It puts the environment at risk if it washes up on shores. Increased land and water pollution can lead to an increasing possibility of the spread of disease. People can also get hospital-acquired infections, transfusion-transmitted diseases, as well as Hepatitis B and HIV.


Most communities have official disposal protocols and drop-off sites. Check with your local government health department to learn the best methods of disposal in your community.

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