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Why Document Destruction is Necessary in Business

March 12, 2021

Why Document Destruction is Necessary in Business

Unfortunately, security concerns in today’s business environment meant document destruction is mandatory. Too many large companies have experienced high-profile information breaches that have compromised thousands if not millions of clients’ private information. That type of exposure opens the door to lawsuits and identity theft. Document destruction can serve as a kind of insurance policy against that type of catastrophic incident.

Document destruction has advanced significantly since its early days. In the past, office staff picked up paper, shredded it with a pair of scissors and placed it in the trash or the recycling bin. Today, technology has advanced significantly and it’s a wise investment to work with a third-party vendor that is highly specialized to ensure total security of sensitive information.

The need for document destruction has grown with time. In the past, doctors and nurses placed medical records into manila envelopes or filing cabinets and pulled them out at patient appointments. Today, many people wear technological devices that track every step, sleeping patterns and much more. Telemedicine is frequently used to help doctors connect with patients who might live far away from a medical facility. Yet for all of the good those technologies do, they also generate private data that must be managed, protected and, eventually, destroyed.

The same is true in the legal profession. Although many documents used to be held solely in printed files, information is now widely shared via email, privacy-protected web domains and other channels that open companies to exposure. Our team can help you assess what needs to be shredded or destroyed and how to do that to minimize downtime for your organization.

Top reasons why document destruction is a necessity

For a variety of reasons, document destruction has transitioned from a nice idea to an absolute must. Here are several factors that have converged to make destruction necessary:

Reason No. 1: Legal compliance. Medical practitioners are in a challenging position because state and federal rules are extensive and complex. Regulations change constantly, but the bottom line of private records has remained the same. Whether you are seeking to ensure compliance with HIPAA, GLB or FACTA, our team can help you identify which documents need to be destroyed to protect patient privacy and limit security concerns. If you work in law, finance or other industries, we will also guide you through the document destruction process so you are fully meeting all existing protocols.

Reason No. 2: Scope and scale. As small organizations turn into big ones, the amount of paperwork and other documentation that needs to be destroyed at some point in the future grows. You might have a small shredder somewhere in your office, but chances are good it won’t be effective for very long. Some offices quickly find themselves with too many documents to handle on their own. Others realize that the act of shredding requires too much time, creates a lot of noise and debris, and could be more efficient if managed using better equipment. We will pick up your documents at a time that’s convenient for your schedule, and we’ll also take materials offsite to avoid adding clutter and distraction to your already-busy workplace.

Reason No. 3: Environmental awareness. Documents can’t be destroyed in a vacuum, and if they are handled improperly, they can negatively affect the world around us. That’s why we use an efficient machine that can handle 6,000 lb. per hour—the equivalent of roughly 100 file drawers of material. We are efficient with our energy resources and our time, and we proudly recycle paper. One statistic we like to share is that recycling 1 ton of paper is equivalent to saving 17 trees.

For high-quality document destruction in Illinois, visit LB Medwaste. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide thorough and efficient solutions that protect your clients’ privacy.

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