Tuesday 2 May 2017

Turning waste into a resource

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Turning waste into a resource

A lot of the waste, medical and universal, we throw away can be recycled. This act benefits the environment by diverting waste away from the landfills and providing material for making products. Why does this matter? Poor waste management contributes to climate change and air pollution, and directly affects nature. Landfills are linked to climate change and might also contaminate soil and water. And, when recycled materials replace new materials, fewer new materials need to be produced in the first place. It’s a win-win for everyone and everything.

While Earth Day has passed, what are you doing to manage your waste? Get started with these easy tips.

  • Sort, recycle and compost
  • Recycle blue wrap
  • Recycle plastic from surgical gowns, outer casings of syringes, soft plastics from glove wrappers, rigid saline bottles, wash basins, and surgical preparation kits
  • Reduce the amount of equipment included in sterilized, single-use packs
  • Put plastic and non-plastic medical waste in separate containers
  • Reuse products that you are able
  • Buy secondhand instead of new when availabke

Take some time to recognize new opportunities for sustainable practices. We can offer help with you efforts. Give us a call today for safe waste collection, removal and management, document destruction, and OSHA training. We care about you and the environment.