Wednesday 8 February 2017

The importance of medical waste management

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The importance of medical waste management

Where would we be without waste disposal management?

Waste or garbage is the term used to describe the unwanted…those things that cannot be used by humans. Think about our production of waste. Every minute we are using something and producing waste out of it, whether it’s a used bandage or a soiled diaper, old batteries, or unused, expired medicine.

When it comes to proper management of medical waste disposal, there are different kinds of waste, varying from non-hazardous to radioactive you need to be aware of:

  • Class A: non-hazardous waste (food, furniture, etc.)
  • Class B: Dangerous waste (pathological waste, blood, tools contaminated with blood)
  • Class C: Extremely hazardous waste (materials that come into contact with infections)
  • Class D: Industrial waste products (expired medicine, disinfectants, mercury-containing objects)
  • Class E: Radioactive waste (anything containing radioactive components)

LB Medwaste offers a wide array of services to ensure that all waste is properly disposed. Next time your throw something away, think about where it goes. Get everyone on board with creating a safe workplace for a healthy start to the new year.