Tuesday 2 February 2016

Spread the containers, not the diseases

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Spread the containers, not the diseases

Did you know that some of the most important tools in the hospital setting are medical waste bins? The possibility always exists of acquiring an illness during a hospital stay. It happens all the time. In fact, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates two million people in the United States are infected annually by hospital-acquired infections, resulting in 20,000 deaths.1

Hospitals, dentist offices, tattoo parlors, laboratories, etc., all have to deal with medical waste, or infectious biological products. Hospital containers do the heavy lifting when it comes to containing bacteria. But if procedures aren’t followed, and medical waste is not handled and disposed of properly, safety and the health of patients can be jeopardized.

Waste disposal

Using medical waste containers is the first way to prevent unwanted disease and infection. Hospital employees are responsible for this safety and the creation of a healthy atmosphere.

Sharp objects, such as used needles, pose serious risk of infections like HIV and HBV. If medical waste is not properly disposed of by staff, then infection may easily spread to patients and other clients who visit hospitals and laboratories. Moreover, disposing of medical waste must be done cautiously without polluting the environment. In an ideal world, staff disposing of medical waste will be well-trained and observed by a supervisor.

Container varieties

LB MedWaste offers medical waste, sharps, dental waste, pharmaceutical waste, and confidential document containers.

The medical waste containers are made of high-density polyethylene. They are leak-proof, puncture resistant, spill-proof and reusable. They are ideal for hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, laboratories, research facilities, nursing homes, home health agencies, funeral homes and even veterinarians.

LB MedWaste sharps containers come in a wide range of configurations and are reusable. They may be configured with a complete selection of tops, mountings and cabinets to minimize handling.

LB MedWaste containers are OSHA, FDA and DOT tested. All metal parts are corrosion-resistant and manufactured from solid high hygiene-quality galvanized steel. Front and sidewalls are specially reinforced to avoid possible deformation caused by heavy waste, during transport and tipping. And they are fire resistant.

The hospital medical waste container is an important tool that helps ensure health care facilities remain hygienic.

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