Tuesday 1 August 2017

Learn what LB Medwaste can do for you

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Learn what LB Medwaste can do for you

If you’re in the medical services field, you probably deal with a lot of medical waste, which must be disposed of properly according to the laws. It’s an important part of running a medical business since you don’t want to risk contaminating others with harmful waste. LB Medwaste wants to help you meet your needs with the necessary services like proper disposal of waste to adhering to compliance regulations.

Know Your Waste

LB Medwaste will collect all medical waste and dispose of it according to the law, including:

  • Pathological Waste: tissues, organs, body parts, and bodily fluids
  • Human Blood and Blood Products
  • Infectious Agents (Microbiological Waste)
  • Contaminated Sharps

Schedule Pick-up Services

LB Medwaste has their own delivery trucks to pick up your medical waste. We can also provide you with designated bins for all of your waste, making it easier on everyone involved. LB Medwaste will work with you to arrange a schedule to match your business needs. After the waste has left your hands and is set out for pickup, you won’t have to think about it again. The professionals at LB Medwaste will use care when handling the waste and disposing of it.

Improve Your Processes

Once you sign on with LB Medwaste, we will give you guidelines and standards to follow when disposing of your waste. You can ensure that you’re adhering to all regulations. These include educating your staff on waste management, conducting waste audits, removing waste immediately following surgeries and offering reusable waste containers. Let LB Medwaste help you improve your waste disposal processes and save you valuable resources. Give us a call today.