Tuesday 4 April 2017

Keep America Beautiful month

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Keep America Beautiful month

Hazardous waste can be found just about anywhere in the workplace, your home, and the environment. It comes from many sources, some more obvious than others, including batteries, weed killers, paint, automotive products, fluorescent light bulbs and household cleaners. Even if you don’t produce hazardous waste yourself, your business or school is contributing indirectly.

In honor of Keep America Beautiful month, we want to highlight the many ways communities can keep the Earth clean through the proper disposal of hazardous waste.

  • Give unused household cleaners or outdoor fertilizer to a family member or neighbor.
  • Donate paint or give it to a contractor instead of throwing it away.
  • Buy only what you are going to use to minimize the amount of hazardous waste you have on hand.
  • Look for recycling opportunities for items like cell phones and batteries. Many schools will accept leftover paint, batteries and used cellphones to recycle.
  • Take leftover auto fluids and antifreeze to your local auto garage; many will accept it.
  • Use non-hazardous cleaning products like baking soda and non-aerosol cleaners.
  • Dispose of medical supplies such as syringes and needles in proper containers. These can be purchased through LB Medwaste and kept in your home.
  • Bring unused or expired prescription drugs to a pharmacy – never thrown in the trash or wash down the sink

Hazardous waste will never go away. In fact, it will continue to accumulate as new technologies pop up. Finding new and innovative ways that not only reduce but help dispose of hazardous waste should be a goal for everyone.

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