Thursday 12 October 2017

How to dispose of dental waste

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How to dispose of dental waste

Do you know how to properly dispose of dental anesthetic carpules? Dental carpules are the small, cylindrical glass tubes that deliver dental anesthetics. Disposing of them after use can be tricky and it’s important to get it right to keep everyone – patients and staff alike – safe. Follow these guidelines:

  • If carpules contain visible blood, they are classified as sharps. Place them in a sharps container.
  • If empty, unbroken carpules contain no remaining medicine or blood, they can be placed in the regular trash. You may feel more comfortable just adding them to your sharps container.
  • If carpules are broken but contain no medicine or blood, they are not considered medical waste but you may want to place them into a sharps container to protect your employees from the broken glass.
  • If carpules contain medicine, they should be placed in a container for pharmaceutical waste and send to LB Medwaste for incineration.

Remember to always check with you state’s requirements for disposal of carpules as they may vary slightly from state to state. Share these with your employees so you’re all on the same safe page. Call us to determine the ideal solutions for managing your medical and pharmaceutical waste in your dental office today.