Tuesday 1 November 2016

A festive use for medical supplies

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A festive use for medical supplies

Holiday decorating with medical supplies

We love what these hospitals are doing to decorate their hallways using recycled medical supplies. You can do the same in your home with unused supplies, and what’s even nicer is that they may symbolize something about a family member who works in the field or has a chronic illness.

If you need some ideas to get started, here are some easy decorations you can make at home: 

  • Turn insulin bottles into a set of super miniature lights
  • With medicine bottles, create fun labels Santa and Rudolph (cold medicine for Rudolph’s red nose)
  • Add medicine bottles and other supplies to a wreathe
  • String prescription bottles to make a garland
  • Blow up unused medical gloves, arrange them to make a wreathe or small tree

If you’re feeling creative, create some of your own decorations. By doing so, you’ll be using recycled materials and saving the environment.

What will you create this holiday season? We’d love to know how you are recycling your medical supplies.