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LB Medwaste

We are a midwest based company that specializes in regulated medical waste removal and confidential document destruction.

Medical Waste Disposal Experts

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Kelly K.

Good Morning Cathy,

We could not be happier with LB Medwaste!! We are former Stericycle clients and we couldn't believe the difference in prices and customer service. EVERYONE I have worked with has been AWESOME !!! Please let me know if you need any help form me. Thank you again !!


24,000 lbs.

Daily Processing Capacity for Medical Waste

3,000 +

Over 3,000 Satisfied Customers


LB Medwaste. Servicing the Midwest Since 1989.

LB Medwaste Services Inc. is a Midwest based company that operates in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Upper Michigan, Michigan, and Wisconsin. LB specializes in regulated medical waste disposal and processing and confidential document destruction. We emphasize efficient, secure removal and continue our tradition of progressive treatment with our state-of-the-art autoclave machine and industrial shredders. We successfully address the range of needs of companies in different sectors, including: healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail and financial services.


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Powerful Partnerships Deliver Value to Our Customers

LB Medwaste is a NOVATION Awarded Supplier

Novation is the health care industry’s leading supply contracting company and serves the contracting needs of more than 100,000 VHA, University Healthsystem Consortium and Provista member organizations. This strategic alliance gives LB Medwaste access to an increased supply chain efficiency to deliver unmatched savings and value to the customers we serve.

Our goal is to work with you toward the shared objective of providing the right products at the right price.

LB Medwaste Becomes PREMIER Supplier

LB Medwaste is committed to providing a broad array of products and services that can help lower your costs. It’s why we have partnered with Premier, a healthcare performance improvement alliance of approximately 3,600 U.S. hospitals and 120,000 other providers.

Our collaboration with this GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) gives our customers access to high-quality products, careful sourcing and expert supply chain management.

Waste Management Services

Medical & Infectious Waste

LB Medwaste is an exceptional choice for your medical and infectious waste. We not only meet, but also exceed all state and federal law standards.

Document Destruction

LB Medwaste can also properly dispose of your confidential paper documents. Our new shredder will discreetly handle your needs. Call Today!

Pharmaceutical Disposal

LB Medwaste can plan for your pharmaceutical waste disposal needs. We can help your company maintain EPA and DOT compliance.

Hazardous Waste Removal

LB Medwaste specializes in removal of hazardous waste materials. LB Medwaste has the expertise and solutions that will help keep your work environment safe.

Universal Waste

LB Medwaste provides cost effective Fluorescent Light Bulb, Dental Amalgam, Battery, and Medical & Electrical Devices removal services today!

Sharps Disposal

LB Medwaste offers sharps disposal. We offer a variety of sized containers and liners to best fit your disposal needs. Call LB Medwaste Today For a Free Quote!

What Is The Foundation of LB Medwaste? The 4 S’s.

Established in 1989, LB Medwaste has grown to over 3,000 satisfied customers who value our commitment to service, adaptability, and professionalism.

Owner Jeff Evenhouse is proud to continue a family tradition of waste removal that spans over thirty-five years. Personal service is valued, so our customers have direct access to our staff and we work hard to arrange flexible pick-up schedules. LB Medwaste creates a plan for your company that stresses the “Four S’s:” Solutions, Service, Safety and Satisfaction. We also consistently stay ahead of legislation regarding safe handling techniques via our continual staff development on the latest DOT and OSHA requirements.

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Are you paying too much for your specialty waste disposal services? Find out here.

Safe. Secure. Solutions.

LB Medwaste is an exceptional choice for your medical and infectious waste. We not only meet, but also exceed all state and federal law standards. Treatment of medical waste constitutes a method for rendering it noninfectious prior to disposal in a landfill or solid-waste site. It is vital for businesses to decrease the risk of disease transmission with safe and proper disposal methods. LB Medwaste utilizes an autoclave machine that is also environmentally friendly, with a 0.0% pollutant free emission. Our staff will uphold our high standards of efficient, clean and successful removal and reduce any risk at your workplace.

The EPA estimates that infectious waste constitutes only 10-15% of all medical waste, but the potential hazard is staggering. There are several items considered infectious, including: sharps, syringes, scalpel blades, broken glass, slides, broken glass or rigid plastic vials, bulk blood or body fluids, cultures, human tissue and animal bulk blood or body fluids from an animal carrying a zoonotic agent like rabies, anthrax or tuberculosis. LB Medwaste is committed to reducing risk and keeping your work environment safe for both customers and employees with our range of containers and flexible pick-up schedules.