Tuesday 19 April 2016

Think outside the trash – a quiz about LB Medwaste

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Think outside the trash – a quiz about LB Medwaste

How well do you know LB Medwaste? Find out by answering the following questions. Good luck!

LB Medwaste Quiz

(Note: Answers are on our website: http://www.lbmedwaste.com/index.html)

  1. LB Medwaste started how many years ago?
  2. Medical waste is designated as all waste materials generated at _________ facilities.
  3. LB Medwaste has a processing capacity of _______ pounds daily.
  4. Our new shredder uses cross shredding and can shred strip widths down to _____ of an inch.
  5. We can easily handle the shredding of thick files, computer disks, film and ____________.
  6. Seventeen trees are saved for every _________ of paper that is shredded and recycled.
  7. Humans and animals can be hurt from _________ found in drinking water.
  8. Wisconsin outlaws regular trash disposal of ___________ because it is very likely that they will be broken during handling.
  9. Our autoclave machine works to keep the air clean, with a ______ percent pollutant-free emission.
  10. LB Medwaste is not able to handle any waste that is toxic or ____________.

How did you do? Please visit us at LBMedwaste.com to learn more about what services we offer.